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1. Mixed Vegetable Pakoras: Assorted vegetables such as carrot, cauliflower and potato are coated in a batter made from gram flour (flour made from chick peas) then quickly deep fried. (*) €4.3
2. Aloo Tikki: Potato cakes, medium spiced with onion and coriander then gently fried. (*) €4.3
3. Mixed Vegetable Samosas: A mixture of potatoes and peas are first cooked with cumin seed, then wrapped in a pastry parcel and fried.(*, 10) €4.3
4. Paneer Rolls: Homemade Indian cheese is mixed with potatoes and mixed spices, coated in breadcrumb then fried. (*, 10,11,12) €4.3
5. Meat Samosas: Ground lamb is cooked with peas then wrapped in a pastry and fried.(*,10,12) €5.2
6. Boti Kebab: Cubes of lamb are marinated in a blend of soy sauce and groundnut oil then cooked in the tandoor. (1,10,12,14) €5.2
7. Chicken Tikka: Chunky pieces of chicken marinated ina mix of yoghurt and spices then cooked in the tandoor oven. (12) €5.4
8. Tandoori Chicken: Chicken on the bone is marinated first with chilli powder and lemon, after which cream, yoghurt and some spices are added then cooked in the oven.(12) €5.4
9. Sheekh Kebab: Ground lamb is mixed with coriander and spices, then wrapped on a tandoor skewer and cooked in the tandoor.(12) €5.4
10. Fish Pakoras: Fresh chunky pieces of cod are marinated in lemon, ginger, garlic, coated in gram flour batter then fried.(*,3) €5.9
11. Tandoori King Prawns:  Juicy large prawns are  marinated with yoghurt, cream and spices then cooked in the tandoor.(12,13) €6.5
12. Vegetable Spring Rolls: Wafer thin pastry wraps filled with fine rice noodles, mixed shredded vegetables then fried until golden brown.(*,10,11,14) €4.3
13. Toasted Prawn: Bread coated with minced prawn and chicken flavoured with thai curry paste, coriander & fresh herbs, fried.(*,7,10,13) €5.2
14. Chicken Satay: Marinated boneless chicken pieces, threaded on skewers served with a peanut sauce.(*,1,3,11,13) €5.2
15. Dim Sum:  Parcels made from wanton pastry are filled with a mixture of ground chicken, carrot and spring onion then steam cooked in a steam pot.(3,10,11,13,14) €5.2
17. Tom Yum Chicken:   Aromatic clear spicy thai soup flavoured with lemongrass and galangal. (3,10,14) €5.2
18. Tom Yum Prawn:  spicy clear soup with prawns.(3,10,13,14) €5.5
19. Korean Kalbi:  Pork ribs marinated in soy sauce with spring onion and seseme seeds then oven roasted.Served with a spicy paste.(*,7,10,14) €5.5
20. Japanese Gyoza: Dumplings filled with ground pork, cabbage, ginger, garlic, soy sauce and mirin are part shallow fried then steamed.(10,11,14) €5.2
Combo Starter Options -Choice of any 3 starters
To help you experience as many tastes as possible from our Starter Menu, we have put together the following options:
Indian & Thai Combo of your choice
eg: Meat Samosa, Dim Sum & Chicken Satay
Supplement of €1.00 per fish starter
eg: Tandoori King Prawn, Fish Pakora & Thai Fish Cake
21. Chicken or Meat Biryani:   A one dish meal of chicken or lamb pieces cooked in rice & spices, served with a pachri (refreshing yoghurt accompaniment of chopped onions, coriander & tomatoes, flavoured with mustard seed). This can also be ordered as vegetable biryani.(4,6,12) €12.5

22. Chicken/Lamb Curry:   Traditional North Indian style - the meat of your choice is cooked in a gravy of tomatoes, onions, coriander, spices, yoghurt and chillies, served to whatever degree of “hot” you like.(6,12) €11.5
23. Keema Matar:   Lean minced lamb cooked with tomatoes, peas, yoghurt and spices. (6,12) €11.5
24. Lamb Rogan Josh:  A classic Indian curry with flavours of cardamom, cinnamon cloves and bay leaves in a tomato rich gravy. (6,12) €11.8
25. Saag Meat:  Cooked in a similar fashion to gobi meat, here spinach fuses in flavour with lean chunks of lamb leg. (6,12) €11.8
26. Lamb Bhuna:   Boneless lean pieces of lamb cooked with mushrooms and spring onions in a spicy tomato based curry. (6,12) €11.8
27. Karahi Chicken:   A colourful dish of chicken cooked in a Karahi with red, green and yellow peppers, flavoured with fenugreek (aromatic Indian herb). (6,12) €11.8
28. Podina Chicken:  A zingy dish of chicken tha t is marinated in a strong yet refreshing blend of mintand coriander. (6,12) €11.8
29. Methi Malai Maas:   Pieces of lamb are cooked with minced lamb, methi and spinach, producing a very tasty dish. (6,12) €12
30. Chicken Jalfrezi :  A fiery dish of chicken , peppers, vinegar and onions served as a sizzling platter (hot) (can be toned back to medium hot). (6,12) €11.8
31. Makhani Chicken: Chicken tikka pieces are first cooked in the tandoor oven then combined with a rich sauce of butter, cream, tomatoes and almond powder (mild dish, contains nuts). (6,12) €12
32. King Prawn Curry:  A yoghurt based gravy with a combination of ginger, garlic, coriander and onion and tiger prawns. (6,12,13) €14
33. Prawns Jalfrezi:  A fiery dish of prawns , peppers, vinegar and onions served as a sizzling platter (hot) (can be toned back to medium hot). (6,12,13) €14

Monkfish Curry:   Chunky pieces of fresh boneless monkfish are cooked with onions, yoghurt, coriander,chillies and pices. Monkfish would not be native to India, but the flesh holds the same as indian fish used for this dish and the taste is amazing. (3,6,12)




35. Mushroom & Pea Bhaji:  This dish is flavoured with vegetable stock and spices. (6,12) €9.3 | (€5.30)
36. Saag Aloo:  Pureed spinach and potatoes cooked with onions, garlic and spices. (6,12) €9.3 | (€5.3)
37. Channa Masala: Chick peas cooked in a masala gravy.(6,12) €9.3 | (€5.3)
38. Alu Gobi:  Potatoes cooked with cauliflower and spices.(6,12) €9.3 | (€5.3)
39. Teen Daal:  3 types of lentil cooked together with a strong hint of garlic. €9.3 | (€5.3)
40. Rajma Masala:  A unique dish of red kidney beans cooked in a spiced tomato.(6,12) €9.3 | (€5.3)
41. Sai Bhaji:  Spinach and lentils, best served with rice and yoghurt. €9.3 | (€5.3)
42. Bindi Bhaji:   Fresh okra (“lady fingers” - exotic vegetable) with crunchy spiced onions. €10 | (€5.7)
43. Matar Paneer:   A form of indian cheese freshly made in our kitchen, cooked in a gravy of tomatoes, peas and spices.(6,12) €10.2| (€6)
44. Palak Paneer:   In this dish the paneer is cooked with pureed spinach.(12) €10.2 | (€6)
45. Baingan Bharta:  Tandoori roasted aubergines are cooked  with tomatoes and onions.(12) €10.2 | (€6)
46. Thai fried Noodles:   Rice noodles cooked with your choice of chicken/beef/vegetables garnished with crushed peanuts.(1,3,10,11,14) €11.8
47. Thai Green Chicken / Beef Curry:  Spicy green chilli based curry with mushrooms and vegetables.(3,4,9,10,11,12,13) €11.8
48. Thai Red Chicken / Beef Curry:  A milder red chilli and coconut based curry with your choice of the meats above. (3,4,9,10,11,12,13) €11.8
49. Massaman Chicken/Beef Curry:   Creamy peanut curry with potato and meat of your choice. (1,3,4,9,10,11,12,13) €11.8
50. Ginger Chicken / Beef:  Strips of meat stir fried with red, yellow and green peppers, mushrooms and ginger juliennes. (3,7,9,10,13,14) €11.8
51. Cashewnut Stir Fry:  Strips of meat stirfried with onions, peppers and cashew nuts with your choice of chicken or Beef. (3,4,6,7,9,10,11,12,13,14) €12.5
52. Chilli Chicken/Beef:   Strips of meat stir fried with chillies, peppers and onions. (3,4,9,10,11,12,13,14) €11.9
53. Chilli Prawns: As above but cooked with tiger prawns. (3,10,13,14) €14
54. Ginger Prawns:  Tiger prawns fried with colourful peppers, mushrooms and ginger juliennes. (3,7,9,10,13,14) €14
55. Poppodoms:   served with coriander & mint chutney, mango, chutney & onion / cucumber and spices. (10,12,13) €1.3
56. Chapati: wheat flour bread. (10,12) €2.1
57. Naan bread:   plain flour. (10,11,12) €2.1
58. Naan bread:  garlic. (10,11,12) €2.5
59. Naan bread:  coriander. (10,11,12) €2.5
60. Naan bread:  peshwari (coconut). (10,11,12) €2.5
61. Naan bread:  keema(stuffed with mince & peas). (10,11,12) €3.2
62. Paratha:  ried naan, stuffed with potato veg mix. (10,11,12) €3.2
63. Boiled rice €2.1
64. Pilau rice €2.7
65. Egg fried rice (11) €2.7
66. Fried egg noodles (10,11,12) €2.9





* COOKED IN OIL THAT MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF 1,3,4,6,8,10,11,12,13,14




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